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Illustration Writing
Pencil Pen & Ink Markers Colored Pencils Wet Media Mixed Media



These illustrations are created by utilizing various types of mediums such as Prismacolor pencils, charcoal pencils, and other various types of pencils along with blending tools. | View Pencil Gallery |

Pen & Ink:

Pen & ink illustrations are mainly composed of Indian ink and various sizes of pigma micron pens such as .005 and 3. These creations can easily be picked up by a scanner for reproduction. | View Pen & Ink Gallery |


Prismacolor markers along with tracing paper on the side for quick blending are the key to creating these masterpieces.
| View Markers Gallery |

Colored Pencils:

Prismacolor colored pencils are the main type of pencils that are used to create these beautiful colored images that are brought to life by my creativity. | View Colored Pencils Gallery |

Wet Media:

Each brush stroke creates a unique piece that makes it stand out to the naked eye. Not just by using the basic types of watercolors found in your grocery store; but, by utilizing the flow of water itself that shows the life of the art.
| View Wet Media Gallery |

Mixed Media:

These pieces are created by a variety of mixed tools in combination. They may include Prismacolor colored pencils, markers, watercolor, and even experimenting with other types of mediums. In turn to create amazing and yet innovative pieces of art that do not need to stand alone with only one type of media. | View Mixed Media Gallery |